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    Copper & Cocoa Desserts
    Copper & Cocoa Cakes and Desserts South Coast Cakes and Desserts Sydney Copper and Cocoa cakes Sydney Copper and Cocoa cakes NSW Copper and Cocoa cakes 
    Copper and Cocoa is an online Patisserie based in Sydney, specialising in custom designed cakes, beautifully styled desserts and patisserie items.

    We love to use fresh seasonal fruit and beautiful organic edible flowers along with our handmade decorations to embellish our cakes and desserts including chocolate truffles, macarons, meringues and chocolate work.

    Our aim at Copper and Cocoa is to create unique and delicious cakes and desserts that are designed to be admired, eaten, enjoyed and most importantly remembered.

    two sweet figs cake design 

    Southern Highlands Cakes and Desserts design  Hunter Valley Cakes and Desserts two sweet figs cake design Sydney Cakes

    As a little girl I remember always making maderia cake with my grandma. She would stand me on a chair beside her & let me mix in the sultanas & stir the mix with her wooden spoon.  My most favourite part was licking the bowl & spoon dry afterwards.

    Ever since then my love & passion for baking & cooking became something that I couldn't wait to do when I was big. In my early teens i use sit in the local newsagent & flick through every bridal magazine there was and stare at the wedding cakes & i use to say to myself one day I'm going to make cakes like this.

    Fast forward 20 years and here I am.

    A self taught cake artist with no professional training.
    I absolutely love what I do.
    A celebration always calls for a cake & the cake is just as big a deal as the venue, the styling, the guests.
    Thats why I love creating cakes for my clients that takes their special event to the sweetest level.
    The satisfaction i get when clients tell me how blown away they were by their cake is what makes all blood sweat tears & often very late night all worth it.


    My Little Peony Cakes

    My Little Peony Cakes Sydney Sydney Cakes Sydney Mini cakes NSW mini cakes

    Lil Sweets creates homemade couture sweets filled with different unique flavours.

    Our range includes chocolate bark, dessert cups, meringues, chocolate spoons and delicious jelly cups


     NSW cakes and desserts

     cake toppers Sydney desserts and cakes toppers cake topperscake toppers and runners

    Custom made cake toppers, table numbers and timber signs for any special occasion

    A range of existing designs or why not design your own!